The Ultimate Guide to Paris Culture

Welcome to the Paris Culture Guide!

Are you captivated by photos of Paris? Would you consider yourself to be a ‘Parisophile’?

Do you admire the beautiful art and architecture of Paris but wish you knew more about it?

Would you like to develop a better appreciation for Paris and Paris culture?

In these pages, you can learn what makes a cathedral ‘gothic’ and a building ‘rococo’. What makes a chair ‘Louis XIV’ and the difference between Impressionism and pointillism...

Let the pages of this website answer your questions and satiate your curiosity about one of the world’s most loved cities.

Eiffel Tower stands high above Paris, France.

Paris is definitely one of the most photogenic cities in the world, and presents some of the most identifiable monuments and works of art.

But Paris is much more than just a picturesque tourist spot.

For centuries, Paris has enticed many of the world’s most influential artists, thinkers, writers, and architects to call Paris home. It is the richness of Paris culture that lures them in; not just the assemblage of beautiful buildings and a pretty skyline.

There is so much more to Paris than can be shown in a photograph. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture of Paris, although wonderful in itself, shows only the outermost layer of the Paris experience.

To fully experience Paris, you have to get to know the stories that helped it to become one of the most important bastions of western culture.

When sitting on a terrace in Montmartre or walking along the Pont Alexandre or picnicking on the grass of Champ de Mars, staring up at the Eiffel Tower, you can’t help but to wonder who, in the centuries of Paris culture, was inspired by the very same experience to make his or her mark in history.

This is how I like to experience Paris.

At the start of my first year in Paris, I knew little about Paris but what I had seen in movies, TV, books, and postcards. There was a certain thrill in the idea of landing alone, barely 18, into the great unknown.

A close-up view of Sacre Coeur in Paris, France.

I couldn’t believe how incredibly different……and older…..Paris was from my typical North American city home in western Canada. I would just walk and walk through the streets of Paris for hours on end, taking any side street that looked interesting, staring agape at all the beauty, soaking in the ambiance.

Paris is a very beautiful, very interesting city and there is always something worth looking at whichever direction you turn.

I was mesmerised!

But, eventually, I realised that there was a better way to do it.

Although I recognised much of what I saw, I didn’t REALLY know what I was seeing….

Side view of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France.

I realised that before I could experience the full enchantment of Paris, I needed to learn more about the stories that created the bewitching city that Paris has become.

So I took it upon myself to become as educated as I could about the stories behind everything I saw: the history, lifestyle, customs, arts, and architecture of Paris.

By studying Paris culture, I grew a whole new appreciation for Paris.

In fact, I had fallen under Paris’ spell. I was hooked. I was fascinated and had become even more curious.

So what could I possibly wish for after a whole year of exploring, learning about, and making a home in Paris?


I had seen, heard and tasted so many wonderful things in Paris that I just had to further illuminate the story behind the monuments, the history, the food, the wine, the lifestyle, the language. I wasn’t done with my investigation into Paris culture.

When I returned to Canada, I ignored a lifetime of natural talent and interest in math and science and decided to do my first university degree studying French culture, literature and language.

The more I learned, the more I felt home in Paris, even from all the way in North America.

St Sulpice and Fountain in Paris, France

If you have ever wondered what that certain “je ne sais quoi” is that has lead Paris to be one of the most culturally significant cities in the western world...

...It’s a culmination of so many stories and events and people, that it takes a close look at the entire Paris culture to gain an appreciation for it.

By understanding what you are seeing as well as knowing its significance, your experience will be richer and you will be much more excited and interested in what you see.

But I don’t imagine you have four years to study Paris culture before your next vacation, so sit back right now, get comfortable and let me present you with all you need to know to bring extra meaning to the sights and ambiance of Paris.

I will sum up my years of studies and time spent in Paris into a helpful cross-section of important, interesting points of information on Paris culture. This will give you an insider’s look as you roam the streets of Paris.

This information will incite within you a greater excitement and appreciation for the city of lights and give you many more ideas of what would interest you to see.

Paris will amaze you as every direction you turn, you will encounter the most beautiful urban scenery on the planet.

But don’t just walk around looking at things as I did at first; explore the whole Paris culture to gain a better insight into your surroundings before you go. Get the most out of your vacation and study up on the stories behind the Paris monuments.

This is not a run-of-the-mill Paris travel guide; this Paris Culture Guide will help you to take better advantage of your Paris travel experience.

Paris can quickly feel like home if you immerse yourself in the culture and the language.

Or if you just want to learn more about Picasso, le Moulin Rouge, the Eiffel Tower, le St. Sulpice, Ernest Hemingway, Edith Piaf, the Seine want to know why Marie Antoinette said “let them eat cake” and what exactly inspired Sinatra to love Paris in the springtime, this website will help you with that too...